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Why Choose Suriel Touch as a Place to Work?
Suriel Touch, LLC is a Christian business focused on helping the community become well and healthy in a kind and gentle holistic way.  Our primary focus is to create relaxation and ease tension/pain from our clients.  Secondarily, if the client shows interest, we educate them on what may have caused the dysfunction and how to prevent it from re-occurring in the future. 
We are a 5-star Massage/Facial Salon in Bradenton on Google. A recent expansion of our business footprint within our existing building, has provided us the space to bring in new talent so that we can accommodate more clients.  

We are interested in adding a few talented Licensed Massage Therapists to our practice.  Your position would be as an Independent Contractor.  The pay is a 65/35 split, you would receive 65% plus tip. 

What is Provided:   Electric, Water, Internet, Website Profile, Access/Use of Online Scheduling Software, 500 Business Cards, Drinking Water, Paper Products, use of table w/ table warmer (if desired).

Your Responsibilities Sheets, Towels, Blankets, Linen Cleaning Service, Lotion and Personal Tools.

We provide the Massage Establishment and Cosmetology Salon umbrella and the business tools, and you bring your personal tools and talents then manage your client schedule to meet your needs.  

If you are interested but still aren't sure, send us an email at with any questions or fill out the form below and we will respond within a day or two. 

Updated 12/30/2020
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